Hazel at work  

Why I Paint

First as a school teacher and then as the wife of a clergyman, life has been demanding, enjoyable, full and fulfilling but throughout I have always felt a wistfulness to paint in watercolour. About twenty years ago I moved from wistfulness to dabbling when on holiday in the Dordogne with my bookworm of a husband. I felt I couldn’t read all day so began trying to paint some swallows I was watching on the telephone wires. On returning home, encouraged and helped by an expert friend, I moved from dabbling to serious effort. I still have a lot to learn but certainly share something of Winston Churchill’s sentiment that if he “couldn’t paint, he couldn’t live”.

Like every human being, I enjoy the sensation of creativity. I find delight in the movement of colour and water on paper but most of all, I love to try and draw attention to the beautiful, the pleasurable or even the comical that there is to be found in the world God has created, or that man has created after Him.

 Hazel Barclay

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